Causation is a double-blind peer-reviewed International Journal of Science dedicated to the publication of research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, short or rapid communications, case studies et cetera. This publication is aimed at a broad, interdisciplinary audience of academic and non-academic researchers actively engaged in scientific research. 
Causation endeavours to incur as much as possible no publication or other fees.
In order to protect the rights of an author, Causation recommends to post or to pre-publish manuscripts  previously with ZenodoFor various reasons, Causation does not support

Basic Information

  1. Journal Title: Causation
  2. Discipline, Focus & Scope: Theoretical and other sciences
  3. Publisher: Ilija Barukcic, Horandstrasse, Jever, Germany.
  4. Country: Germany
  5. Language: English
  6. Publishing Frequency: Irregularly, up to 12 times a year.
  7. Editor Name: Ilija Barukcic

          Editorial Office: Horandstrasse, DE-26441 Jever, Germany

          Phone: +49-4466 333



  1. Current Status: Online only
  2. e-ISSN: 1863-9542 P-ISSN: NA
  3. Membership: None
  4. Year of Start: 2006

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    ISSN: 1863-9542

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