To the unknown reader,


Causation is pleased to invite you to join the editorial board (EB) of this extraordinary journal. Your role as Editorial Board Member (EBM) will be among others:

· Submit/solicit papers for the journal.

· Arrange occasional peer reviewing.

· Help promote the journal among the relevant scholarly community.

Please note that your contribution would be of no charge.  However, Causation do genuinely intend to have a committed EBM with a vision to expand the journal and build upon its success. Moreover, you may provide advice on how best to develop the journal and invite new editorial board members for the journal who wish to play an active editorial role.

Your term as Editorial Board Member would be initially for two years which is renewable by mutual agreement. We do hope that your association will be conducive to further success of the journal. If you are interested in joining as an Editorial Board Member (EBM) of causation and to serve actively as an Editorial Board Member for Causation, kindly send your updated CV at  and provide some details like:

· Your name:
· Email address:
· Telephone:
· City, State, Country:
· Name of your institution:
· Department or Division:
· Website of institution:
· Your title or position:
· Your highest academic degree:

· Number of book chapters published in English:
· Number of books published in English:
· Years of editing or peer review experience (for English-language journals):
· Interested field(s):
· Details of your publications indexed by Web of Science
· Details of your publications indexed by Sopus
· Details of your publications indexed by EBSCO
· Details of your publications indexed by PubMed

Causation will respond to your enquiry shortly.
Thank you for considering this.
With kind regards,
Editorial Office